November- Day 2

So, I ended up writing some 800 words yesterday. Only 1/2 what I should be averaging daily if I’m going to make the 50 k count. Whatever. I can catch up on the weekends and holidays.
I’m coming down with something. Possibly swine. Or the dachshund influenza. I’ve been congested the past week or so but it really climaxed today. Woke up with an even scratchier throat, and achey all over. It’s just gotten worse. Hot chills, cough, head hurts, slightly nauseous, and I feel like I’m going to fall over all the time. I’ve got a test in english tomorrow, which I don’t want to miss. I hate having to make up work. But… I’m really dying here. And it would give me a chance to catch up on homework and my word count maybe. Not sure if I’m feeling up to attempting any writing today, but I know I should.
I created an amazing…garment today. I call it a babushka cape. It’s a blanket tied under your chin, and pulled so that you have a hood on top of your head. Way cooler than a Snugee. I still think I need to get matching Snugees for my dogs. They come with little collar tags that you can record messages into. Like “Hello, my name is Rover. I live at 123 Street. Please bring me home.” Only my older dog, Chammy, flings herself at the door when she wants to come inside so she gets our attention. I just imagine the tag during this. “Hello, my name-Hello my-Hello-Hello-Hello.” Like the dog in Up!
Plans for the evening:

  • Facebook game maintenance
  • dinner
  • shower
  • possibly writing a word or two
  • sleep

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