November- Day 3

So, clearly I stayed home today. I’m determined to get caught up on work so I have more time for writing and more sanity. Already finished one assignment. I could really use some food now. My stomach is still operating on normal time, and hasn’t adjusted to the change yet.
Wrote another 800 words last night for NaNo. I was really excited to be an active member of the forums, but I don’t know anymore. It’s fairly depressing as it shows peoples’ wordcounts under their names. Let’s just say my number is less than formidable. Someone was already up to 15,000. How the hell do you write that much in two days? Congratulations, you’ll be done in a week. Maybe then you can sell your book and use the money to buy a life.
I’ll probably post again later when I get some food in me. Maybe tonight when I can talk about how productive I was today.


2 Responses to November- Day 3

  1. Rammi says:

    One of my friends that I met through NaNo does her whole novel on the first day, then spends the rest of the month encouraging everyone to WRITE.
    But it just makes me feel crap sometimes. 😛

    • thatgirl007 says:

      Does she have a life? How… How can a person write 50,000 words in one day? There’s one chick that wrote… Lemme check her final count…999,999 words. She makes me want to cry and never leave my bed.

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