November- Day 4

Went back to school today and sounded like Batman. It was layout dealine day for Yearbook so I felt obligated to go. Our scores would have been lower if I hadn’t been there. Not because I’m talented or anything but because we really needed the third brain. We do have four people in our group, but let’s just say she doesn’t have the chugging work out skills that I do. Or really that much of a knowledge of how to use InDesign. She’s our editor and critique person.
I am very proud of my NaNo progress from yesterday. Over 2,000 words! I was only 800 below the goal for yesterday. That was my normal word count the first two days, so I’ll accept that. I’m going to do this. I have to. The first time I heard of NaNo was probably three years ago, and every year I managed to not start. I think last year I forgot about it until it was halfway through November.
Going to stop the entry here so I can go work on my word count!


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