November- Day 11

Yes, you read that title correctly the first time. Today, to honor all our veterans and getting a day off, we went on a family field trip to IKEA. We brought my grandpa along to get him out of the house (and he is a veteran. Even if he was the cook and never actually fought…) I chauffered the fam over to the Swedish Mothership, probably my longest drive yet. There, we continually saw these awesome hooks that were shaped like dog butts. Of course we had to have them. They’re perfect for hanging leashes on, and who doesn’t want a pair of dog butts hanging off their wall?
After having a lunch of Wednesday Rib Specials and Lingonberry Drink [Is it supposed to be soda?] we made our way down to the first floor AKA the warehouse. AKA where you should spend more of your time, as it’s where you actually buy things. Even though I love running around and testing out all the chairs and faucets… Anyways, we picked out two leash hooks. A red one and a black one to represent our real dog butts. [As in the butts of our dogs. Not that our butts are like dog butts.] We got in line. We self-checked.
And after my dad scanned in the first hook I looked at the display and cracked up. Because you know what? Those dog butt hooks rang up as B-stis Hook Ass.


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