November- Day 23

Is my blog broken or what? I feel a little bad having started the Comment for a Comment group on NaBloPoMo and then…not receiving the comments I was hoping for. Of course, I haven’t been the most dedicated commenter either. This week I’ll go through the group list and start commenting it up. Maybe that’ll inspire some people. And hopefully reading this post will complete the job.
As of yesterday I’m at 34,292. Still, sadly, behind the goal, but I’m getting there. I managed to crank out 2,000 words last night. I’m hoping to hit 3,000 one day this week, but we’ll see. Don’t want to jinx it.
Maybe I don’t get comments because people can’t relate to my life. I am younger than the average NaBloPoMo-er. I don’t fit into the large majority (or what seems to be the majority) of bloggers. I’m not in my 20’s and I’m not married. I’m just a 16 year old who is now the third wheel to her best friend and former crush. I can’t drive without a parent. I don’t have a credit card or a job (yet).
But still, I’m not that far apart from all those happily marrieds. They were me not too long ago. And just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean your life has changed that much.

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