November- Day 28

I couldn’t find a short enough way to comment on Five Blondes- Disabilities Are Not Uncool, so I figured this warranted a post of its own.
I’d like to pride myself on being accepting and understanding. Yes, I’m one of those liberal Californians.
I don’t use the words “retarded” or “gay” as insults. They’re not politically correct, they’re not insults, and words like that hurt so many people. Likewise, I do not believe in using the N-word ever. It’s an insult to an entire race. Blacks did not choose to be enslaved. People with mental disabilities did not choose to have them.
Erica was absolutely right. Having epilepsy is not something to joke about. In 7th grade, there was a guy in several of my classes who I assume had epilepsy. He was on medication and had it under control until puberty hit and I guess the medicine was no longer doing the job it needed to. As far as I know, no one knew about his condition until he had a seizure in the middle of science. No one had any idea what was going on, and yeah, we were all pretty freaked out and scared. That wasn’t the last seizure he had during school that year. One day during P.E. he was hit by a dodgeball and had another seizure. I remember at least one person crying. You couldn’t be in a class when one of the seizures occured and not be shaken up by it. I’m sure no one would have considered it a laughing matter. And if someone had joked about it, I’m sure they would have had to deal with an  angry mob.
One of my friends had… I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it was some sort of tumor like thing in her brain. I didn’t know her until after this. It caused her to have seizures and she had surgery for it. This messed up her senior year. As a result, she’s currently in her second year of community college and is now in the mindset where she’s scared of transferring to a regular college. I’ll also never forget how she complained about not being able to do a forward roll because she was afraid she would hit her head. Of course, she also thought I was from Afghanistan when I’m half Caucasian and half Japanese.
So no, I don’t think epilepsy is a laughing matter.


One Response to November- Day 28

  1. Leah says:

    Great post. And you are right in saying that seizures really shake people up. They are absolutely terrifying, there is nothing remotely funny about them.

    Not too long after Erica had her first seizure, I had a friend’s brother (who also had epilepsy) have a seizure in the bathroom. He fell, hit his head and died. That really shoook me to the core.

    Thank you for taking this topic so seriously and thank you for your support for Erica! Thankfully her seizures are under control, but you never really know for sure in this world.

    Great blog!

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