November- Day 7

7 days that I’ve managed to post every day for. Of course, my posts are far from being as long or witty as some peoples. Maybe I’m scared of using up my creativity and word count on my blog, and then when it comes time to work on my novel I’ll have used up all that brain power.
Last night was majorly productive. I’m on the brink of 10,000 words. I’ll work again tonight after dinner and maybe a movie. I’ll probably try and get out of having to watch the movie. Some 90’s DVD from the library (that probably doesn’t work) is not nearly as important as those 50,000 words. And library movies are crappy. Back in the days of VCRs they were worse, of course. I remember one movie we checked out that was totally sun damaged or something and the movie was super bright and faded.
Chammy’s chewing a rawhide on my foot right now. The local Target no longer carries the little bones that they love, but Chammy’s fine with settling for the new long tubey rawhides. And of course, Gracie could care less, as long as she can steal Chammy’s at some point. They both had their baths today so they’re super smooth and fluffy. Gracie sheds like crazy after bathtime. It’s incredibly annoying.
I played with two of my trial lives of Real Lives 2010 today. My dad bought me the full version but we need to work something out with the company since it’s not working. As usual I copied out the diaries. I’ll make seperate posts for them below. If you only feel like reading one, read Guadeloupe’s. In Real Lives when you name your kids it gives you a list of names which are supposedly appropriate for the country you live in. I’m not so sure about that. Rexi is popular in Indonesia?


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