November- Day 9

War chapters are the worst for taking notes on. The other chapters you can pick through the information and skip over things more. But wars? All the big battles and dates and generals… The Civil War just took me 4 pages front and back and the majority of the front of a 5th page. I don’t think any of my APUSH notes have gone onto a fifth page yet, and we’re on Chapter 14.
Random fact of the day that I knew: Adis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia. One of the main characters in a favorite series has a younger sister that’s adopted from Ethiopia and the main character travels to Ethiopia in the second book.
Still ahead of DWG in NaNo! I’m starting a bit later tonight, but I’ve only got 850 words to be at the goal tonight. Writing time! Tomorrow is my first Friday since I have Wednesday off.


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