I Dreamed a Dream

Today’s post actually has a story, as brought to you by Susan Boyle and Dumbledore.

Some background information:

  • My mom and my friend’s mom, in addition to spending way too much time playing Facebook games, also exchange food and beverages. Or as I call it “deal each other Asian food”. This means that Lauren and I have to carry the most random things to school and trade them. This will now be referred to as the AFE (Asian Food Exchange).
  • Me, Best Friend, and “Winger” call ourselves the “Aussietizers” after what Outback Steakhouse calls their appetizers. Because it sounds cool. And we’re interesting people like that. The Aussietizers have many exciting adventures in english, french, and study hall.


Today, I received Susan Boyle’s CD through the AFE. Apparently my mom wants to make a copy of it. We were playing Jeopardy en Francais, but it wasn’t fun Jeopardy like it was as freshmen.

So, we had fun with Susan. We decided that Winger was Susan Boyle, and also that he was married to her. He stuck the CD in his shirt pocket. We imitated her pose on the cover of the CD.

I stuck my eraser with a mustache drawn on it under her nose.

Those were our adventures with Susan. And we weren’t the worst in the class. (Of course, we’re never the worst.) Across the room Kevin was getting a penis drawn on his face with a Sharpie.

The Dream

Last night, I had a lot of short, weird, little dreams. One of them involved me trying to frame Boy with the murder of Dumbledore because their hotel rooms were next to each other. Best Friend thought this was hilarious after I told her. During the Susan Adventure it was also decided that Boy was going to leave her/left her for Dumbledore.


3 Responses to I Dreamed a Dream

  1. securi7y says:

    I don’t know what to say or how to say it, but I really liked this post! Stories are just interesting like that.

  2. Robin says:

    I love your new blog — already the aesthetic seems to fit your writing style better.

    • thatgirl007 says:

      Thanks! I’m probably going to make a new banner this weekend and I’ll probably change the color scheme to match it. I like the cleanness and organization of WordPress so much better than Blogger.

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