Opinions Needed

Alright folks.

So, I came up with the rough idea for my Script Frenzy script a while ago. And then today I came up with a new idea that I really want to see through. Should I:

a) Start writing this new idea that for some reason I want to call Herbert (1 more day! losing miiiiind) over the break. When Script Frenzy comes along I’ll still write my original idea.

b) Maybe start writing original idea over break. Maybe save it for later. But certainly save Herbert for Script Frenzy.

I really want to write Herbert now, while I’ve got the juices flowing. I don’t want to wait until April. But I’m also a little reluctant to use up this awesome idea already. Okay, maybe it’s not that awesome, but I’m passionate about it at least.

Please comment your vote/opinion!


8 Responses to Opinions Needed

  1. sarahbaram says:

    Write whatever you feel will be your best! It will certainly come out that way.

  2. Jessica says:

    Since Herbert is clearly inspiring you right now, I’d vote on starting it now. If you leave it until Script Frenzy your inspiration might be gone, and you’ll still have your original idea for then.

    Although, if it was me, I’d start off with outlining my new shiny idea in detail now and perhaps then writing it for Script Frenzy. I don’t know if you’re one of those writers who outlines anywhere near as obsessively as I do, though 😉

    • thatgirl007 says:

      Yeah, I think I’ll probably at least start doing some sort of outlining and planning now. Either it will be enough to keep me waiting until April, or it’ll help me realize that I need to start writing it now. Thanks!
      I’m a terrible outliner. I’ll come up with an outline, but it almost always just stays in my head and doesn’t work itself out onto paper. Besides the note I have on my phone of a couple ideas that popped into my head, and notes on plot epiphanies.

  3. purplume says:

    So, you have a thing with electronics?
    Maybe you can incorporate that in your script?

  4. purplume says:

    I say write Herbert now.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I say write it now, while you have the inspiration. I have lost a couple really good blog posts because I didn’t write about them when they were on my mind, intending to polish them up a bit. Then when I got ready to write them, the idea seemed…. flat.

    Always listen to your muse 🙂

  6. Rammi says:

    *strokes Herbert lovingly*

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