As in my dog, Chammy. Not the as seen on TV Sham-Wow. I do know how to spell.

Today I put on my fake glasses and sit down with my laptop…on my lap in attempt to write something witty and inciteful. Or at least write something. I can’t complain about the lack of comments if I’m not saying anything worth commenting on.

Topic #1:

So, I have my two dogs Chammy and Gracie. Chammy is 9. Chammy, despite being housetrained and picking up on that quickly, has recently developed the oh so lovely habit of peeing herself in her sleep. Obviously, we found this behavior peculiar and disturbing and took her to the vet. The vet said that she has diabetes. So, starting tomorrow we’re going to have to start giving her daily insulin shots. I feel bad for Chammy, but I really am not looking forward to this. My dad has insisted that he’s going to teach me how to give her the shots.

Needles creep me out. When I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy I had to look the other way when they whipped out the needles and scalpels or shudder and cringe at the sight. I’ll be picturing the worst. You really would not want me to be giving you a shot or really any type of medical care other than applying a bandage. I’m also terrible at comforting people, thus crushing my 8th grade plan of being a psychologist.

Topic #2: I think I’m going to test out a new posting system. From now on I’m going to attempt to post one normal post, and one password protected post. Makes me think of the Missouri Compromise (Missouri entered the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state to keep the balance. My history teacher would be so proud.)

So… That’s about it. Juicier details coming in a password protected package.

Reminder: Want to read the other half of this blog? Email me at and I will gladly send you the password! Just send me a link to your blog so I know who you are. Bonus points and high fives if you comment.

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