State of Disunion

First of all, if you’re reading this it means that you’ve asked me for the password to this blog, and I appreciate you for making me feel special.

As we should all know, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. And as it falls on a Sunday this year that means that Friday is the new Valentine’s Day. I have next week off! Yay! Maybe I won’t be such a huge slacker and I’ll actually post once. Maybe twice.

Anyways, back to Valentine’s Day and the massive rant and rave this is going to turn into. This will be my first V-Day that I have a someone for. The someone is also… The Boy. Together we are probably the biggest nerds ever. Or at least fairly high up on the nerd scale. He’s admitted to getting the Dungeons and Dragons magazine at one point. I was disappointed that there was no Age of Empires app available for my phone.

This brings us to the plan.

Some background info AKA the 411:

Valentine’s Day at school means the sale of carnations. And the amazing singing telegrams but I don’t think they’re selling them this year, sadly. Anyways, the carnations.

I am not  a girly girl. I never have been and I never will be. When I was little I never wanted to be a princess. I didn’t want a pony. I preferred Lion King to Cinderella. When we were talking about prom once a couple days ago I said to The Boy “When else are you going to see me wear a dress?”

Still, my inner girl would really love to receive a carnation. Or at least get something out of The Boy. He knows exactly where my locker is. It’s pretty easy to identify, as some kind individual carved a penis onto it at some point during the year.

Back to the story. I confessed my girly desires to one of my friends, who offered to talk to him and see if he had anything planned and if not then inspire him. I approved of this plan. We had it all worked out. During break I would leave to go to the bathroom and she would have her opportunity to talk to him. To make it look more natural I would even go with Best Friend. Yeah, we’re the girls that can’t go to the bathroom alone.

Only he managed to slink away into nonexistance during break ahead of us. There was no study hall today, so there was another missed opportunity. And lunch time? Couldn’t find him.

I totally predicted it would end up that way. Carnations are no longer on sale, but we’re still going through with a modified version of the plan tomorrow.

Anyone have any V-Day plans not involving advanced espionage?

4 Responses to State of Disunion

  1. Nicole says:

    Keep tryin’. 🙂

    I’m going for fortune cookies, firecrackers and sticky ribs this year.

    And possibly a trip to the firestation as a result. Can’t have everything.

  2. Rammi says:

    I want a picture of this penis graffiti.
    [Hope you got a carnation, but my childish side took over here.]

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