On a more serious note

So, I’m ridiculously exhausted right now after staying up until…3ish at my friend’s house. We had an amazing good time full of insanity but I’m still exhausted. I woke up around 9:30 and couldn’t get back  to sleep because the room we were in has tons of windows and no curtains.

But that’s not what I feel like writing about right now.

My dad got a job offer.

More importantly, my dad got a job offer that is 4 hours away.

I will not move. Just a year ago I would have jumped at the chance to finally get away and live someplace else. I’ve lived in the same house my whole life. But right now?

No way. There is no way I am starting over at a new school for my last year of high school. I have better things to do than make entirely new friends and a niche for myself, like get into college. Sure, the schools are better but I’ve made my place here.

Luckily my dad doesn’t want to make me move either. We’re probably going up to see the town tomorrow or Friday. Right now some options are that he would get an apartment there and come home for the weekends, or as I suggested, I could live with my grandpa. I’d have my license and could make the 10-15 minute commute. Or… The option that the parental probably wouldn’t consider an option, they move and I stay here in an apartment by myself. Hehe.

I’ve reached a point where I’m finally actually really content with my life. And yes, The Boy is part of that.


4 Responses to On a more serious note

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog – Although there’re plenty of teen blogs out there, and even more blogs I’m sure you can relate to, if you can find ones relating to your interests…

    I would feel the exact same thing in your situation, let’s hope you can get that appt. + stay w/ The Boy, whoever he is 😉

  2. Rammi says:

    Pfft, I think “teen” bloggers are a niche market, anyway. Or at least, these days, it’s hard to find teen bloggers who don’t talk about Twilight/Justin Bieber/the latest sparkly fad and how much they hate their parents.
    13 – 19 years old = only 6 years to be a teen. Apart from yours, there is no blog by anyone my age I feel inclined to read. XD

    Also, have you ever tried the option of “I’ll move in with my friends”? 😛

    • thatgirl007 says:

      Justin Bieber? You mean my husband if he wasn’t a 12 year old girl? I’m going to start blogging about Twilight and Bieber now, just for you, Rammi.
      Aw! I feel special.
      That was brought up. But we’re no longer at risk for moving. The place wasn’t offering enough money.

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