Topher and Mormons

Today I bring to you two reviews, I guess. I’m currently reading Under the Banner of Heaven for English and I saw Valentine’s Day last night with a friend. I think it worked out better than if I’d gone to see it with The Boy. We gushed over guys’ abs together… Plus she goes to another school so I haven’t seen her in forever and it was nice to catch up. We went through yearbooks together and I told her about all the people we’ve grown up with, as I’m at the school where more of them ended up.

Valentine’s Day

To anyone else that’s seen this, I want your opinions. Was it just me or was this a fairly depressing romcom? I mean… At one point I asked my friend “Okay, is this ever going to turn around?” Nothing was going right for anyone. Sure, the whole point of the genre is the turning of the tide but you still need a little happiness and positivity. More than seeing Eric Dane, Topher Grace, and random Teen Hottie shirtless.

Anyways, back to the movie. It was decent. It wasn’t terrible but I don’t know how unique it was. My friend was totally predicted all the major plot twists/revelations. It was good for what it was, but not really anything special. And… Just a tad racist. Like the Chinese men that couldn’t speak great English and were waving Dodgers pennants in the background? Or making fun of the Bulgarian accent? And of course the Indian family owned a restaurant. Another thing: Who can see Ashton Kutcher as a florist? Really? Of all the jobs in the world we’re supposed to believe that he could be a florist?

In short, I’ve seen better romcoms, but V-Day was nothing terrible, nor was it anything special.

Under the Banner of Heaven

First of all, I’ve had a strange interest in Mormons for a while now. So of course I chose the Mormon book over Mount Everest and hoboing around.

Learning about the polygamist lifestyle and the past and present of the Mormon church are incredibly interesting. I’m really enjoying reading the book, but I always have this weird feeling after putting it down. How can I not when I’m reading about 14 year old girls being impregnated by their fathers, stepfathers, stepbrothers, uncles, etc.? It’s startling and frightening how the Utah government allows them to get away with this. I was even more disturbed when I learned that the ACLU tends to support the Fundamentalist Mormons. Sure, we are granted the right to practice whatever religion we want. But doesn’t safety and public health come before that? Is it really better to have freedom of religion and a state full of incestual babies? I’m around a third of the way done with the book now, and I’ll probably end up writing a further review and comments on it later.


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