The Move: Update

It’s not happening. We went on the amazingly fun between 3 ½-4 hours each way drive to the town where the job offer was (I made friendship bracelets in the car. I’m cool like that.) By the time we got there I was cranky, and had been on the verge of falling asleep when my dad had me drive. Plus it was my mom’s car which I’ve never driven before. I’m used to my car with its less old school knobs and switches.

Me: Why are there so many cars here?

Dad: Well, I guess a lot of people bring their cars to school.

Me: No, I mean because there’s no place to go.

The campus wasn’t that bad once I got food in me and out of the car. There was a nice hobo lying on the grass in front of a church down the street who looked dead.

Anyways, my dad added it up and accepting the job just wasn’t worth it. So I get to stay!

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