What’s on my iPhone

I kind of haven’t even opened all of these.

Messages, Facebook, Contacts, Camera, Photos, Maps, Calendar, App Store, Calculator, Notes, Clock, iTunes, Settings, Weather, Dictionary, Translator, Traffic Rush*, Titanic, BubbleWrap, Dots Free, ActionPotato, iDrag Paper Free, Oregon Trail**, Pac-MAN, Paper Toss, RolandoLite, Rolando 2 C1, Zippo Lighter, Pocket God***, Tap Tape Revenge 3, DoodleBuddy, Fandango, PS Mobile, DashofColor, Color It Lite****, ColorShake, Booooly*****, Cat Shot, Crazy Hamster Lite, Cross Light, WordSeach, Glow Hockey, Lion Pride, Mood Pad, MyTown, RunStick Lite, Shazam, PaperFootball, App Puppies******, blindness, TicTacFree, Gap Style Mixer, pic2shop, Waterslide, Compass, YouTube, Voice Memos, Stocks, Sunday Lawn

*I am beast at this. I love me some Traffic Rush.

**One of the two apps I’ve actually spent money on. So worth it.

***Second app I’ve spent money on.

****This is actually a coloring book app.

*****Have never played.

******This is the lite version of the app. What that means is it’s a gallery of about 25 pictures of puppies.

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2 Responses to What’s on my iPhone

  1. Nicole says:

    I haven’t got an iPhone so I just hi-jack my friends’ whenever I can. The airhockey app is my favourite. =)

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