Take Back the Blog Week

So, to inspire myself to actually get things done over Spring Break (other than never getting dressed and playing Sims all day…) I’m initiating a Take Back the Blog Week. Which I just made up. But really, if anyone else feels like they’re in a slump, feel free to steal the idea.

I’m going to be making some blog changes this week. Including finally making my own banner at some point (hopefully). Also, to try and keep myself motivated to blog, and not complain about having anything to talk about anymore, I’m going to initiate a new… schedule, so to speak. Each day of the week will have a certain topic, so I have more of a format of what to write about. Finally, I’m going to try to better organize my categories and tags. Yay!

Monday: Me. We’re talking random factoids, surveys, and other getting to know the person behind the blog activities.

Tuesday: Recommendations and Reviews. This is the day when I’ll talk about the latest blog/book/movie/TV show/whatever else I can think of.

Wednesday: Writing. On Wednesdays I’ll talk about my latest projects, and such. Maybe even include some excerpts.

Thursday: The week in review. Thursday is halfway through the week, so I’m going to report on things that have happened so far that haven’t fit into the other categories.

Friday: Friends and family. What more is there to say? I’m…going to talk about people around me. Nice things. Mostly. We’ll see…

Saturday: Weekly airing of griefs. Saturday I am allowed to complain about one problem a week. Readers, you can feel free to skip Saturday and its angst.

Sunday: Weekly airing of good things. To combat Saturdays whining, on Sunday I will talk about the good things that have happened to me in the week, and my favorite moments.


One Response to Take Back the Blog Week

  1. ~ifer says:

    I like this idea 🙂 Oh, and I am the worst about tags, I dont think I have put tags on my posts for the last six months or so 😦

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