What Have You Done Part 2

Other than my relationship with BBF, not much has gone on since I last blogged. I had a birthday, went down to Southern California, checked out a couple more colleges.

Now, normally my summers are roasting hot. It’s part of living in California. However, this summer was actually relatively cool. I was able to fall asleep without the fan on every night, and only went swimming maybe 4 times the entire summer instead of nearly every day. The weather was actually really nice and barable.

And then school started. Days 2-4 I came home from school to 102 degree weather. Since then the only time it dips down into the 70’s is probably before 8 in the morning. I’m roasting right now.

Next Topic: Analysis of end of relationship #1, and thoughts looking back on it.

Then you get to learn all about BBF!


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