Meet BBF

BBF is way different from The Boy to the point that when we’re together I wonder what the hell I was doing with the last one (as TB is now referred to. Haha. TB. Like tuberculosis… Okay, internal monologue over.). Let’s start with some really basic differences. BBF is taller than me. Noticeably taller, not like the last one who was about the same height as me. He’s older than me by 14 months, rather than 3 months younger. He knows things about me. I’ve realized since the breakup that I knew so much useless crap about TB, and all of his likes and quirks, but I really don’t think he knew anything about me. I know BBF listens to me because he’s capable of bringing up stories I told him before.

Anyways, so BBF was the one I talked to after the breakup. At the time he was in some bizarre long-distance relationship that was also falling apart. After that chat session I was really starting to wonder if he had feelings for me. Moving fast, I know, after my 5 month long relationship just died. But really… TB and I were kind of over in March. That was the last time we did anything coupley. We weren’t worth mourning over.

This part of the story is where best friends really are the best people ever. As I believe I’ve mentioned, Best Friend and Boy broke up. She has since moved on to Elf. Elf is friends with BBF, which is one of the reasons why he got approval from me and our other friends. BBF is the nicest person ever, and I knew he couldn’t be friends with some jerk who would unexplainably break up with Best Friend like the last guy did. Anyways, this is where Best Friend and Elf became really useful. I told her all about my feelings and thoughts.

Over the next 10 days or so… (I’m shameless, I know, I know. But I’m happy. So deal with it.) BBF and long distance chick officially ended whatever was going on there, I went on Facebook and made my breakup official, and Best Friend did some excellent espionage work. Through Elf, we asked if BBF had feelings for anyone.

And he said yours truly.

We had already been planning to hang out the 4 of us, but this changed the whole plan. I knew now that it was safe to act upon the way I was feeling. I liked him and he liked me. But he didn’t know that I felt the same way, so I needed to take action. Which scared the crap out of me.

Which is why at the end of that night I let him walk away from my car without saying anything.

And then started hitting my steering wheel.

And this is another example of why I love my best friend.

She was going to drive back home with Elf and BBF. The two of them saw from the way BBF was walking back that nothing had happened. So when I started driving away, and passed Best Friend, she signaled me down. I pulled over to park again, and in the meantime she and Elf ran away leaving me and BBF alone.

My summer was great, how was yours?


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