Where Will You Go

I actually have plans for my blogging future. Ambittious plans, really.
To start with, I’m taking a web design class this year. I’ve been editing photos for years, and last year I learned InDesign. I wanted to round out my skills with web design knowledge, and through that I came up with an idea to practice my knowledge.
This spring I’m going to graduate. In the following summer or fall I’m going to graduate to a new blog.
I want to use what web design skills I have by then to build a better blog, one that looks how I want it to that’s template free. It just seems easier to start over new. New site, new name, new look. By then I’ll be financially independent(ish) so I’m going to get myself a domain name.
I’m hoping that sacrificing some of my own money will encourage me to keep the blog running. I know I’ll be busy then, but I will also have more to write about than ever. New experiences = blog fodder
Uncreativewriting is going to keep running for now, until the new blog is up. I’ll keep updating here until it’s time to move on. It’s going to be a big step and challenge but I’m ready. You may see glimpses of the layout as the launch gets closer.


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