It Is Love

I’m in love. It’s official. My lover?
A new pair of boots. Blowfish Hanukus to be exact. Let it be known, I’m not a big boots girl. I don’t have a grudge against them or anything, I just happen to not wear them very often. My other pair is the requisite pair of Uggs all California girls have. Only they’re knockoffs. Chocolatey brown in case you care.
But then I got my new boots yesterday and I don’t want to ever wear any other shoes. I had a super cute outfit day today pairing them with a navy blue- floral print dress. I shocked one of my friends who couldn’t process me wearing a dress, boots, and eyeliner all at the same time. It was one of those outfits were you just know you look good.
Second of all, they are so comfortable! I didn’t have socks on because I was originally going to wear tights, but it was fine. The inside of the boots is so soft. The inner sides are lined with suede, and the bottoms are equally smooth.
My only problem is the lack of traction on the soles. That’s important to me, a serial tripper, slipper, and tumbler. I tripped over a donut the other day, and fell off a curb another day. The soles of the Hanukus is fuzzy, and as you can see from my picture, there’s nothing to keep you from sliding on smooth floors.
But that’s just a minor flaw to me, and it will not get in the way of my love affair.


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