Thursday, I Don’t Care About You

So, it’s actually Wednesday when I’m writing this and the following events happened today, but I really wanted this to be the title so I’m posting it on Thursday. Unlike the Thursday shirt I own that I never wear on Thursday.

Today I had my first face to face conversation with The Boy in over 3 months. There was a last minutey meeting today that I knew he’d be at, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected. I didn’t know the meeting was today, but I knew he’d be there. It’s not like I haven’t seen him since the break up. We go to the same school. Fortunately we have no classes together, but I still see him around.
I talked to him first. The avoiding is over. We agreed to be friends, but then he stopped talking to me so I didn’t bother trying. However, it’s hard to avoid someone when they’re sitting about a foot away.
I missed him for a week or two this summer and then on and off seeing him around at school. But after today? I won’t miss him ever again. Just listening to him talk I kept wondering how and why I wasted 5 months on him. I’ve got way better now. His charm has disappeared. I just sat there listening and thinking about how obnoxiously pretentious he seemed. Those 5 months… I wanted to want him. It’s clear now that I built him up in my mind. He wasn’t a real boyfriend and we didn’t have a real relationship.
Yesterday I was observing his younger brother with a pair of friends and we were joking around about him. One of my friends told me to tell the little brother I wanted to go behind the bleachers with him.
Me: EW NO! I didn’t even want to do that with his brother!

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