It’s Your Fault/Fat

I’m on a blogging roll lately. Don’t even try to stop me. Today’s post is brought to you by Overweight kids face bias from own moms, dads.

Desperate for something to write about, I combed the front page of MSN news for some story I could get wordy over. The title alone had me hooked.

Really, Mom and Dad? You’re going to punish Johnny for having those extra 20 pounds, whether you realize it or not? That’s incredibly fair. You’re the people most responsible for his weight, you know. Whether these parents realize it or not, they are punishing their children for mistakes that they, the parents, made.

Parents are the ones most at fault for their overweight teens. They’re the ones that are supposed to be looking out for Johnny and Susie. They’re the ones that are supposed to be encouraging their kids to practice healthy behavior, including healthy eating habits. How about you stop buying so many Twinkies, and instead pay for college? These kids are already suffering from low self-esteem, and parental bias only makes things work. Helping pay for their child’s education, or a new car will help them out in the long run more than those donuts. Studies prove that overweight people tend to make less money. That could be bias, but that could also have to do with lack of education. By providing them with further education, they will have better jobs, make more money, and thus have more self-esteem. This higher self-esteem could also motivate them more to lose weight.

Helping pay for a car would have a similar effect, although less helpful. Everyone knows that for teenagers, cars are a status symbol. They’re a right of passage, a piece of freedom, and it doesn’t hurt if that piece of freedom is shinier than everyone else’s. As shallow as it may sound, having a nicer set of wheels will help  a teen feel better about themself. It creates a better image, one that they will want other aspects of their life, such as their body, to match.


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