My Latest Obsession

Other than writing ridiculous amounts of blog posts…

Lately, I’ve had a bit of an obsession with baked goods. Not actually baking goods yet, but looking at pictures of them and baking supplies. I’m planning on making my mom a dachshund cake for her birthday in November, which started it all. It began with looking up dachshund cakes. Then the Wilton website, fondant recipes, gum paste recipes, and on and on. And then it was thinking up cake designs for a billion occasions. My brain seems to think I’m secretly Duff from Ace of Cakes.

Today though, I hit the motherlode. I was browsing favorite blogs, and perusing their blogrolls for other blogs to check out. This idea created a monster when I found Bakerella. Bakerella is a blog devoted to cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and these adorable things she invented called cake pops and cupcake pops. I’m in heaven. They’re all super cute, and look mouthwateringly good. I need to go wipe away all my drool from oggling, and then I’m off to plan more and more baked goods that will never happen.

5 Responses to My Latest Obsession

  1. Andrea says:


    Cute post. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, if I may say so, which I will anyway even if you tell me I mayn’t, you are OBSESSED WITH wiener dogs.

  2. Dachshunds are my favorite breed of dogs! I used to have a short-haired ginger named Longo…cuz, you know, his body is long. We’d watch tv on the couch together. Awwwww.

  3. Brie says:

    Honestly, I demand pictures. When this cake takes place, you’ve got to document it! Or I shall be quite sad.

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