I’m In Love With a Campus

(Written September 21, 2010)
Going in to the application process, there are 2 schools that I absolutely have my heart set on. UC Irvine and University of Washington, or UW. I just wanted to make it clear that I’m not talking about the University of Wisconsin, although I have no problem with that school.
Irvine is in an area that I’m completely comfortable with, and love. I’ve spent many a vacation in Southern California, and that area would have to be the place I’ve spent the most time in other than my home town. It’s close to plenty of big cities and things to do, but Irvine itself is more suburban. The campus is wonderful, set up around a giant circular park that supposedly has bunnies. They’ve got an awesome mascot, the anteater. Also, I’ve got plenty of family living in the area, so even though I’ll be hours away from home I won’t be completely alone. I’ve also got several cousins that go to or have gone to Irvine.
Finally, I have no idea how I’d decide my major(s) and minor if I went there. They have so many different programs that sound amazing, so many things that I’m interested in. I’m practically drooling over their academics, and the location is ideal for future jobs and internships in the industries I’d be interested in.


3 Responses to I’m In Love With a Campus

  1. Maii says:

    Everyone whos already in university seems to only have one thing to say “Don’t worry about it, choosing your majors & minors will be the easiest part of the process”
    I only believe one thing, they lied. x_x

    Good luck with everything, and the campus is LOVELY!

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