Forced Fandom

This is why I’m weird.
I’ve never really been a fan of a certain sports team. Blame it on my unmacho father, who never taught me to root for any team. So… Because I’m a very strange character, I’ve decided to try out this whole fan thing. Baseball is my sport of choice, because it’s the sport I’m most willing to watch on tv.
This is me turning something normal and carefree into some odd analytical experiment. I evened the odds of a team getting picked as “mine”. How so?
I looked up both leagues of baseball on Wikipedia, and using a random number generator chose 4 from each league. Then I generated two more numbers of those 8 total. And then the lucky 1.

6) Chicago Cubs
13)Colorado Rockies
10) Pittsburgh Pirates
9)Milwaukee Brewers
4) Tampa Bay Rays
10)Minnesota Twins
8) Detroit Tigers
3) New York Yankees

Except more odd posts as I do research! I’m such a nerd.


2 Responses to Forced Fandom

  1. Andrea says:

    I know someone who is OBSESSED with the Oakland A’s. He wears a hat with their logo all the time. It’s kind of sick.

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