Hair Today

Yes, I’m trying to be puny. Har har.
I’ve been a bit of an absent blogger today so I’m writing a ramble for you all while brushing my teeth. Call me Queen Multitasker.
I’m now regretting my last two haircuts. Not because they were terrible and made me look like a man or anything. I’m currently trying to grow out my hair and every little bit counts.

A brief history:
I’ve had my hair short for the past 4 years. Not butch lesbian short, but a couple inches below the shoulder. I’ve been working the sidebangs too. Before that my hair was really long. I did not have to avoid it when going to the bathroom but there was plenty to work with. I’m thinking of trying that length again now that I’m more of a girl who will actually care for her hair. And if I don’t like it I can always hack it off and donate it. Everyone loves my hair color.

Yeah, I don’t know what this post was about either. But you can’t say I didn’t try.


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