Crazy Bitch Gets a Blog

My delusional, perverted friend Andrea has recently created a blog. And when I say recently I mean yesterday. And when I say created a blog I mean I harassed her to make one until she obeyed me.

As a thank you to her, I am advertising her baby blog on here. She will undoubtedly talk about disturbing things like menstrual cups. When I foolishly let her meet BBF on webcam she asked him if he was a virgin and what the average size penis is. Clearly he is a keeper since he didn’t run away screaming.

Anyways, Andrea provides much entertainment. So go check out her blog before she calls you a cunt muscle.

(Did I mention she has a wonderful vocabulary?)



2 Responses to Crazy Bitch Gets a Blog

  1. zuluqueen says:

    I borrowed that phrase from someone else. Don’t credit me with it.

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