Like The View, Only Ghetto

While shamelessly searching for blog fodder, I came across this. A new, ghetto knock off of The View. Not that I even watch The View to start with. The closest I get to it is seeing Kristen Wiig pretend to be Elizabeth Hasselbeck on SNL.

But the line up? The woman from Big Brother? That reality tv show I can’t even believe is still on? The original Jersey Shore? Really? That’s the best you could get? She’s not even the poor man’s Barbara Walters. More like the repo man’s.

Oh, Sharon Osbourne. Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. We know you’re desperately trying to remain relevant, but really? Just give up. Selling your soul will do you no good. Can’t you just accept fading into obscurity, nicely, muttering incomprehensibly to yourself?

Nevermind. I just figured out how the Big Brother woman shanghaied herself this show. She’s married to the network president!

Nepotism at its trashiest.


3 Responses to Like The View, Only Ghetto

  1. zuluqueen says:

    Never mind. I found out how to do that linky thingy. But just in case I did it weird, can you tell me how YOU do it?

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