Shit, I Need More Schools

Those of you following the Chronicles know of my torrid love affairs with a city and academics. And then there’s everywhere else.

Okay, I shouldn’t say it like that. There are other schools I would be so thrilled to go to, schools I could be content with, etc. Just no, you know, additional torrid love affairs. It’s finding those other schools that has been harder than finding my not so secret lover schools.

I’ve got a couple schools that have offered to waive my application fee because of my test scores. I’ve been strongly encouraged by the parental units to apply there, cause what do I have to lose? One of them, Drexel, is basically the Philadelphia version of UCI. They have some pretty pimptastic programs there. Plus, it’s close to Swarthmore, the school of my dreams that I could never go to, so I could stare longingly at it from not so afar.

Then there’s the in-state publics, at least one of which is a major safety because it accepts everyone. I’m not going to name it because they might find out, find me, and then refuse to accept me into their school. You’re great, I swear! Don’t hate me!

Basically, I’m slightly recklessly applying to schools. After I’ve gotten all my decisions in, I’ll let you know the full list. Again, I’m afraid of secretly violating some media contract, or just generally pissing off the admissions powers that be. Since they hold my future in their hands I’d rather bake them a cake than piss them off.

Oh, and this is my 100th post!


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