Technological Fits of Insanity

So, I’m continuing my crazy scheme to build my own blog. Current estimated launch date: August 20th. That gives me a couple days after my birthday to buy myself a domain name, and add the final touches. In the mean time? Planning, coding, planning, coding. Fun, fun, fun! Is it super nerdy of me to enjoy coding? No, that’s not even a question. I am a nerd.
I’m really learning how to do these things as I go. I’m no web design expert. I’m a novice at best, and that’s being incredibly generous. But I love a challenge and I work best when I start off with crazy high goals.
Right now I’m beginning to plan out a design. But when I’m done? It’s gonna be awesome!
Or a huge disaster.
But mostly awesome. Yeah? Yeah!
For when I actually start coding this baby, I’ve started compiling resources. Starting with this handy dandy guide to creating WordPress themes.


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