The Gap But Not the Store

I can’t help but notice that TB has so many more blog posts about him than BBF, and I can’t help but feel bad about that. I attribute this to TB being my first relationship (let’s call it that) and thus I felt the need to girlishly squeal about it more. That and I saw him on a more regular basis.

I don’t feel the need to document every move of my relationship with BBF, but it’s still going. The homecoming dance was two weekends ago and he took me.

Which brings me to this plea to DJs. Please play slow songs at the beginning of the night. As nice as your boyfriend is, it’s hard to not notice when he’s damp as a tramp from being in a room full of dry humping couples that’s starting to smell like feet.

So, here’s one more post to tag him in. I don’t like the gap.


One Response to The Gap But Not the Store

  1. zuluqueen says:

    I don’t get it.

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