Skating with the Wash-Ups

It’s pop culture time, people! I have to thank TV networks for all the great work they’ve been doing coming up with shows for me to laugh at on my blog. Really, thank you. More blog fodder? Really, you shouldn’t have!

Today’s victim is Skating with the Stars. That’s right, Dancing with the Stars on ice. Although, I’m going to bet that they’re not going to have the senior cast of their sister show, for fear of damaging the already fragile hips of the elderly.

Now, you might be saying, didn’t we already see that show? You’re right. Remember a couple years ago (2006) when a little show called Skating with Celebrities was on? Quelle coincidence! And here I thought Skating with the Stars was such an original idea!

Refresher Course:

Skating with Celebs was on Fox back in early 2006. It featured such famous entities as Bruce Jenner (the man much abused by the Kardashian women), Jillian Barberie, Dave Coulier, Deborah Gibson, Todd Bridges, and Kristy Swanson. Excuse me while I go look up the last 5 in attempt to find out what their claim to fame is. For those of you not in the know, keep reading. Jillian Barberie is apparently some sort of sportscaster. Dave Coulier was Joey on Full House. “Debbie” Gibson was a teen pop star in the 80’s. Wait. Are you serious? Todd Bridges was Willis from Diff’rent Strokes? And he didn’t win? Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis? Yeah, yeah, Kristy Swanson was Buffy in the movie. Okay. Moving on.

Long story short, the show paired these “celebs” with skating professionals, Kristy Swanson was making figure eights with her partner off camera, controversy ensues. And Willis doesn’t win.

Well, now doesn’t that sound like a quality show? Why wouldn’t ABC want a piece of that? It’s not like they’re already scraping the bottom of the barrel down to the sediment for anyone they can call a star. I mean, I’m sure they could get like Charlie the Unicorn or the Annoying Orange to agree to be on the show. Wait. They’re not real? Damn it.


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