Twitter Milking

Hopefully the title caught your attention. Here we have yet another post about some of the high quality shows coming out. Today’s perpetrator: Dear Girls Above Me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Charlie McDowell. I think he’s a genius, and I eagerly await his tweets.

But a TV show? Really?

The whole magic of DGAM is the one liner sarcasm. The quick taste of snark and stupidity that leaves you with an aftertaste in your mouth, craving more. An effect that is completely beyond the capabilities of television.

How on earth do they plan to milk an entire television show out of it? How can it possibly have the same charm and intellect to it as Charlie’s tweets?

More importantly, how would it work? A TV show of some guy listening to two off camera, never or rarely seen girls, would not be funny. It would look like an episode of How to Catch a Predator.

Give it a break, CBS. I’m begging you. Please don’t kill Dear Girls Above Me for its thousands of Twitter fans.



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