Prompt Fest: Part I

I know I’ve been blogging about television way too much lately, so I’m going to be trying something different for the next couple days or so. The other day I wrote a response to a prompt from NaBloPoMo, and I really liked the idea, so I’m going to be responding to some more prompts until I get bored with them. I figure it’s a good way to get my creative juices going in time for NaNoWriMo.

You’ve just been given a million dollars. You are not allowed to keep it or give it to anyone you know personally. What do you do with it and why?

Can I be allowed to keep it in the bank for a bit so I can gain interest and have more to give out? To start with, I would probably give the largest chunk of this money to some sort of cancer research organization. I’ve seen too many relatives and people around me lose a family member to cancer. My maternal grandmother passed away in February 2008 to… I want to say cervical cancer after battling with it for the third time. Cancer is such a broad disease that affects millions without any cause, and in so many cases there is no true way to prevent it. With all the different variations of it in existence, I believe this is the primary disease we need to find a cure for.

After that… I’d probably give some to some sort of educational program for like…at risk kids from lower income families or something. Because kids are our future, yo.

And I can also definitely see myself donating to NaNoWriMo for being so awesome.


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