More Applications- My Mother is Still Not Dead

Written October 5, 2010

So, I’ve got more bones to pick with the application process. Maybe these make complete sense to some people, but they are part of a very small minority and need to be exiled to a galaxy far, far away and then forgotten about. K, thanks?

Confusion #1:

This confusion is in one of the demographic sections of one branch of state colleges in California. It does not at all pertain to me personally, but that does not stop me from reading, and obsessing over it.

My problem?

In one section we have 4 possible options to select from.

-African American



-Other African/Black

Alright, first of all, if you are living in America and are somehow from a nation of Africa, you are African American. You are also black. What entails black but not African American? Are you from Jamaica or some other tropical island white tourists frequent? Okay, that makes sense. Black is people from Africa originally, but have hailed from some former colony for centuries. You’re a bobsledder. I can wrap my head around that.

And then it gets complicated again. Now that I’ve finally figured out what they mean by black, how am I supposed to know what Other African/Black is? It’s not people from Northern Africa. They’re included in the white section. What if I was one of these others? How am I supposed to know that you define me as an other? Thank god I’m white and Asian.

Confusion #2:

On this same application, I was also asked to check a box if I do not have a first name. If I do not have a first name? Who doesn’t have a first name? Other Africans/Blacks? How have they gotten through life without a first name? What kind of parent doesn’t give their child a first name?


This is college applications.

Next week: We venture into the terrifying world of essay writing. Hold me!


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