30 Questions- Day One

So, I found this 30 question character survey on the NaNo forums and thought it was a brilliant idea. I’m going to fill out each day of it for my three main characters.

Day 01 – Introduce yourself, in great detail

Marc Endicott

This is stupid. What do you want from me? Name is Marc. I have two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth, same as most people.

Fine, I’ll give you details. I’m Marc Edicott. I moved to Seattle junior year with my brother so he could live with some chick he met online. Seriously. My parents split during freshman year, and I was sick of listening to them each ragging on the other to me, so I got out of there.

I’m kind of a band geek. But not like the kind that carry around pocket protectors and have worst case scenario acne. I’m into drums, alright? Guitar too. I’m on drumline and I take guitar at school. At least my brother was cool enough to get me into this arts school.

And I don’t like talking about myself. I’m no emo, but I’m not going to tell a stranger my life story.

Lizzie Creighton

Hi, I’m Lizzie! I’ve lived in Seattle my whole life with my parents. I love dance and languages. I’ve been studying dance for as long as I can remember, and getting to go to Charles Ray Watson Charter is just about the greatest thing that could happen to me. They’ve got the most amazing dance program.

I’ve been studying Mandarin and French since freshman year. French is such a beautiful language, and I figure Mandarin is pretty useful since so many people speak it. It’s really neat to get to learn such an exotic language when I’m not you know, exotic at all. My teacher, Ms. Chang says I really have a knack for languages. Other than being good at talking in other languages and dancing though, I’m not that great at anything. I only did well in AP Language and Comp last year because my best friend Sadie was in the class with me. She’s a great writer.

Oh, I have a cat! His name is Jinx, and I got him when I was eight.

Seattle is nice but I’m ready to live somewhere else. I’ve been here for my whole life, and I’d love to live somewhere warmer. I’d really love to get to travel the world and dance, but I don’t think that’ll happen. I won’t give up though, of course. I love dance way too much for that.

I’ve got this obsession with water bottles. It’s kind of weird, but practical, you know? Cause I drink a lot of water since dance is a major workout. I don’t think people realize how much it wears you out. You’re in almost constant motion. Anyways, I’ve got a bit of a collection of water bottles, like the metal refillable ones. Cause they’re good for the environment, and I think those plastic ones are supposed to give you breast cancer or something. Plus, they’re super cute. Basically whenever I see a new one I get it. I’ve got a bunch of coffee mugs too. I’ve got this one water bottle that’s like this turquoise color and it’s got paper cranes on it. That one is probably my favorite. I like bright colors, and pink and purple especially. I’m a bit of a girly girl. Most dancers are.

Oh wow, I’ve been talking a lot. That’s probably more than you wanted to know about me. I just got started and couldn’t stop, you know? This was fun.

Sadie Wu

Hey, Sadie Wu. Blame my uncreative parents for my stupid name. Who names their kid Sadie these days? There’s no good reason to ever name your kid Sadie.

I guess my name is the only problem I have with myself. In great detail you said? Well, just remember, you asked for it.

I’m Sadie, I like writing and psychology. Screenplay writing, that is. I go to this charter school that’s big on the arts and science, but I’m in the first camp. It’s mostly an arts school. Science is a new thing. We’re trying to broaden our horizons.

Anyways, I’ve been into psychology and film for a while. I took psych back freshman year, and then AP sophomore year, with Scullie. Scullie and Prock are my favorite teachers. Prock’s the screenwriting and directing teacher.

This really doesn’t have anything to do with myself.

I was born March 3rd to Charlie and Miriam Wu. Typical Asian parents. My dad works at Amazon.com in the accounting department, and my mom works at that fancy cooking supplies company, Sur La Table. She’s in PR, which is slightly more creative than accounting, but mostly means her job is getting her way.

I have an older sister, Julie. She got the good name, but of course all Asian people name their kids Julie. She’s in med school at UW, so she still comes home way more than I can handle, since Capitol is right next to the U District. Her boyfriend’s name is Todd and he’s a prick. They’re getting matching med school degrees. Gag me.

Is that enough detail for you? What, you want to know what size bra I wear or something?



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