30 Questions- Day Two

Your first love, in great detail.


God, no one in my family will ever let me forget this one. When I was in preschool there was this one girl, Leah Tyler, that I was apparently obsessed with or something. I told my mom that I was going to marry her one day. Clearly I was not a normal little kid.

I really don’t remember her that well, which is totally fine with me. Hopefully she forgot about me too, because from the way my parents tell the story, it sounds like I kind of stalked her. I think she had freckles.


My first love would have to be ballet. I started ballet lessons when I was three. It was my first dance style. I absolutely loved it. In almost all the pictures of me from when I was little, I’m wearing ballet shoes. I think I liked feeling graceful, cause back then we’re all bumbling little toddlers.

I’m so glad my parents put me in that ballet class. 14 years later I’m still dancing, and still learning. This year I’m finally able to fit some extra dance classes into my schedule, since I dropped math, science, and Mandarin. I’ve been in Modern Rep every year, since that’s my forte. This year I’m getting back into ballet, and taking the contemporary rep in that. I’m also going to be learning ballroom, musical theater dance, and contemporary and street, which I think is going to be so fun since I’ve never really tried anything like that before. Sadie doesn’t think I’m ghetto enough to pull it off, but I don’t care.

Oh, and dance is super nice since it got me out of having to take PE classes. I still ended up taking yoga freshmen year, but that was mostly to keep me in shape.


Did you really have to bring this up?

Jason Scott.

We were in first grade, and it was love for me. He’d seen all my favorite movies, he was a pro at kickball, and he wasn’t bad looking for a six year old.  The only problem was that I was a coward. I still am. I never told Jason about that crush. We still go to school together, which makes it kind of awkward. He’s still cute, and whenever I see him I can’t help but think of my little kid crush. He’s into acting, unfortunately, which means I end up seeing him all the time. Why couldn’t he have been a math-science nerd? Why?


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