30 Questions- Day Three

Your parents, in great detail.


Oh joy. It’s not like I hate my parents. They’re not horrible people. I just can only handle so much of them, especially since the divorce. Living with Tanner is so much better.

We’re not very exciting people. Endicott is supposedly English. Both my parents are European mutts. My dad likes to say that he’s Italian though, and pronounces our last name end-i-cote instead of end-i-cot. That’s why he told my mom to spell my name with a c instead of a k. He thought it made it look more Italian. This comes from a man named Albert.

Albert sells insurance, and Miranda is a real estate agent. They’re both professionals at selling things, including selling their marriage away.

They live in Columbus, Ohio. Or used to, at least. Albert stayed in Columbus until it was clear I wasn’t going to stick around. Once he knew he wouldn’t have to live close enough that split custody wasn’t a pain in the ass, he bailed for Wichita. Must be a midlife crisis. I can’t think of any other reason someone would willingly move to Kansas.

There’s Albert and Miranda for you.


I’m totally not one of those teenagers that complains about their parents constantly. That’s so obnoxious, you know? I don’t get it. People can be so ingrateful. Ungrateful. Whatevs. I mean, your parents gave you everything. They gave you life. Most parents are pretty good, and try to give their kids everything, and their kids just complain. They don’t get it that their lives could be so much worse.

My daddy’s name is Phil and he’s a chiropractor, which is totally nice cause he can help me out when I need to get adjusted. He’s from Bremerton, which is right next to Seattle, so he’s basically lived here his entire life. He likes to watch basketball.

My mom, Linda, is a stay at home mom, but she’s really crafty. She knits, crochets, and sews, and sells her things online. She’s actually Canadian. Her family is from Edmonton, Alberta, but she went to college in Vancouver. My dad’s little brother, Michael, went to the University of British Columbia with her, and that’s how she met my dad. Daddy was visiting Uncle Mike at school and saw Mom, and that was it. Super cute.


More about Charlie and Miriam? First of all, I don’t call them by their first names to their faces. Not that they’re ever around enough for me to actually do that. They’re both workaholics.

Charlie likes football. He used to watch the Superbowl with me, and explain what was going on. Nowadays he’s normally in his office watching it while working on something. Apparently being an accountant is an extremely busy job. He’s like the top accountant or something, but still. How long can you actually spend adding things?

Miriam likes the color beige. She likes my sister. She likes having things perfectly clean and organized, but doesn’t like doing it herself, at least not at home. We have a housekeeper, Ana, whose been coming to our house since I was 8.

It’s not like I have issues because my parents aren’t around. Really, I prefer it this way. The less of Charlie and Miriam I can get, the better. That’s less nagging, and less awkward conversations for me. We don’t know each other, and when we’re actually forced to socialize it’s unbearably uncomfortable. They have Julie to socialize with, and that’s just the way I like things.



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  1. Micaela says:

    Thanks for the comment! The tights were part of a Christmas gift from my sister Katelyn, they are from Costa Blanca.

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