30 Questions- Day Four

What you ate today, in great detail.


Okay, now this is just getting weird. What I ate today? Are you kidding me? Pump my stomach and find out.

You really want to know? Fine. I had one of those toaster strudel things this morning on my way out. Tanner’s girlfriend teaches PE at an elementary school, yeah, I know, a straight female PE teacher, and she’s really big on getting three meals a day, even if you’re just eating crap. So I end up eating a lot of toaster strudel. I think I ate a strawberry one this morning.

Lunch was cafeteria pizza. More grease and shit in the stomach. I run on grease. I stopped at a gas station quick mart on my way home for a thing of Red Vines and a Red Bull.

Haven’t had dinner yet, but it’ll be good. Ashley really isn’t that bad to have around. She’s a good cook at least, and she makes Tanner happy. She cares enough to make sure I’m not lying dead in a ditch somewhere, but she doesn’t try and act like she’s my mom or something.


What did I eat? Okay, first of all, I eat a lot because I exercise so much during the day. I burn it all off, so it’s not a big deal. Most people laugh at how much I eat, since I’m not a very big person, you know?

Breakfast- a bowl of cornflakes, a piece of cinnamon toast, a banana, and a glass of orange juice

Lunch- Caesar salad, plain chicken breast, carrot sticks, an apple, jasmine rice, a milk carton

Dinner- Fettucine alfredo with chicken, broccoli, garlic bread, some granola, apple juice


Okay, so I know most teenagers probably don’t eat breakfast, but I’m starving if I don’t eat anything. I made myself some potstickers from a bag this morning. Lunch was… I had a bag of Sun Chips at school. When I got home I had a leftover bean burrito. I eat leftovers a lot. We get takeout or go out for dinner, which is pretty ridiculous since we’ve got a really nice kitchen because of my mom’s job. It’s a waste. Lizzie loves to come over and bake at my place since we’ve got everything a person could ever possibly need. Dinner? My parents left me money for pizza. I’ll probably call for a large supreme in the next half an hour or so.

2 Responses to 30 Questions- Day Four

  1. janflora says:

    I like the way you are doing these questions for your characters 🙂 You have a great grasp of their voices. Have fun in Nano!

    • thatgirl007 says:

      Haha, I was coming up with a lot of it as I went , but it ended up making sense and I think it really helped give my novel direction and explain why things happen to me. I found the survey really useful, but I didn’t get around to completing all of it. I think I got up to Day 8, and then a random Day 11 post.

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