Attack of the Creeps

11/1/10 episode of 90210

Am I the only one who thinks this Laura girl is absolutely bonkers? She’s going to end up tying Liam to a chair in some storage shed somewhere.
Now, I love Navid. I’ve always loved Navid. But his style lately? While it’s not bad… It’s just… way too awkwardly polished.
If Harper gets written off the show I’m really not going to be upset. At all. Her voice… Oh lord… She’s like the munchkin even the other munchkins couldn’t stand listening to.
Is Oscar supposed to be smooth? He just seems like a slimy creep.
More television rambling later.


3 Responses to Attack of the Creeps

  1. Michael Fishman says:

    What TV show is this?

  2. zuluqueen says:

    What show are you talking about?

  3. thatgirl007 says:

    90210. It says that at the beginning but it kind of blends in with the date.

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