1000 Words (or less) About Why I’m Awesome

So, I’ve got a rough draft written for most of my essays (It’s October 15th) and the essay process is actually going way more smoothly than I’d expected. After all, I am a writer. Coming up with topics has never been a problem for me. I’ve created many an unfinished tale because I come up with idea after idea and feel the desperate need to start writing about something entirely new.

It’s not the topic that’s the problem, or being able to come up with what to say. I’m just worried that the words I’m saying have nothing to do with what they actually want. That my responses are creative, but overly so to the point that the admissions people will be unable to tell what prompt I was even responding to. They’re probably not, but I am neurotic to the core. So, so, so, so, overly neurotic about things like this. The little things that add up to a much bigger problem. And I’m rambling, rambling, rambling about this. I’m also going to come up with another post about some of my other complaints and problems, so prepare yourself. That should be next Friday’s topic. I’d also like to add that at this point in time, including the titles of posts, I’m up to 2,334 words. If these blog posts were for NaNo, I’d be 4.7% of the way finished. And I really have no idea what that has to do with anything.

I’m just writing a lot of BS right now. Hopefully that’s all coming out here instead of in my essays.

Check back next week for less useless rambles, and more pertinent information.


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