30 Questions- Day Five

Your definition of love, in great detail.


Love? What kind of love are we talking about? I love my drums. I’m kind of in love with toaster strudel. But are we talking about man + woman love? That’s something entirely different.

That kind of love, well, all kinds of love really, even drums and toaster strudel, those are just emotions caused by chemicals in the brain. I’m one of those downers. The ones with the realistic view on life. Dopey, flowers and sunshine love? That’s not real. It’s all lust. We find someone we don’t hate, someone we’re willing to put up with, and we say that we love them. And a solid percent of the time? Those feelings end up fading.

Love was invented for Hallmark to make a profit off of. That’s my definition.


Oh wow, love? I don’t think I can even begin to define that. It’s too big of an idea. Love is what makes life worth living. How about that? Love is about being happy, and finding your soulmate. That  one person who makes you complete. The one person who understands you unlike anyone else. Love is understanding and respect. Like, I love my parents, but I don’t want to make out with them or anything. Gross!

I’m a total romantic. I love Valentine’s Day. Last year I totally got a card and a rose from a secret admirer. It was so cute! I never found out who the guy was though, which still totally bugs me. I’d give him a chance. I think guys think I’m stuck up or something, but I’m totally not. If you know how to treat me right, that’s all I need. Plus, nerds are super cute. Most jocks are jerks.


Getting sentimental now, are we?

Alright, I do believe in love. I’m not Debbie Downer. I don’t think love is as easy to find as the movies make it seem, but it’s out there. I mean, what’s the point of living if there’s not something better out there? We can’t be on this earth just to be alone. There’s someone out there who totally understands me, and will appreciate me. I know it.

I don’t need flowers and chocolates. All that matters is being respected. Feeling like I matter. And if that means being the center of someone’s universe… Well, I’m not going to complain.



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