30 Questions- Day Six

Your day, in great detail.


I woke up. I went to school. I came home. Why do these always say in great detail? How about in lesser detail?

Here, how about this. I’ll tell you my class schedule. That’s details. That’s good enough. My days are all the same.

1st period- AP English Literature

2nd period- AP Government

3rd– Drumline

4th– Physics

5th– Guitar III

6th AP Calculus BC

7th– Music Theory

8th– Free


I had the best time today because we started learning salsa in ballroom dance. I love it! It’s so much fun. I love getting to feel sexy like that dance. Ballroom is so classy, but you can still keep it from being like super boring.

That was third period. Oh, it rained today! I drove Sadie to school this morning but I stayed late after to talk with my Modern Rep instructor, Ms. Kitamura so I think she walked home. I think she went with that Marc guy. I have to remember to text her about it later. I hope she had an umbrella. Maybe Marc had one. Sadie can’t be too miserable about it, since she totally likes him. We were all in French together last year and it was so obvious that she thought he was really cool. I guess they hang out a lot this year. I don’t have any classes with Sadie this year, which totally sucks, but I guess it worked out okay cause then she gets to hang out with Marc without me feeling awkward. Marc is the kind of guy Sadie would like. Okay, I need to text her now!


Well, Lizzie ditched me after school to start with. She was my ride home, and it started raining around lunch time. My parents don’t like me enough to get me a car. Anyways, I don’t think I’d want one. The traffic here is crazy, and I can walk or take a bus most places. I’m saving the environment that way.

It didn’t turn out that badly though. I ran into Marc after 8th. I guess he stayed to work on something during 8th since I know he has that period off. Anyways, we walked home together and he shared his umbrella with me. Time always goes faster when I’m around Marc, so the walk home in the rain wasn’t that bad.

Classes were alright. Swimming was kind of awful because it was freezing cold. We don’t have an indoor pool for some crazy reason. At least I had the class before it started to rain. We had a sub for Prock, sadly, since I wanted him to look over this project I’ve been working on. I’m thinking it might be my script for the student film festival we have at the end of the year. One of the things that semi-redeems the school for not having an indoor pool.


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