Sticking My Feelers Out

I couldn’t resist having that as the title. I’ve been looking into blog networking more, and other resources. I really am excited to take my blog to the next level this summer.

Now, I’m still heavily addicted to Twitter and I think it’s a great resource. Thanks to NaBloPoMo I’ve been getting more readers this month, as I did last year. However, this year I’m trying to comment around on other blogs more, which seems to be helping, according to my stats. Apparently I’ve been saying things that interest at least one person.

I’ve also been looking into StumbleUpon after reading an older post on Five Blondes. I take Five Blondes pretty seriously when it comes to social media since the eldest blonde, Erica, is a guru when it comes to that. StumbleUpon is interesting but I’m not sure I quite understand it yet. Also, I don’t believe I can currently use it on my blog since I’m not self-hosted. users really are screwed when it comes to making their blogs fancier. Most services allow you to use Blogger, and TypePad but they only extend their program to users.

I also joined MyBlogLog after reading about it on I’m Blogging That. Yes, I’m going a bit crazy with the links right now. MyBlogLog is a blogging network where you have “Communities”. It’s kind of like the groups on NaBloPoMo. I’m still deciding what my opinion is on both StumbleUpon and MyBlogLog. But… I wasn’t a fan of Twitter when I first joined and look at me now. Things may change.


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