30 Questions- Day Seven

Your best friend, in great detail.


I’m not really one of those best friend kind of guys. I have friends, but I’m never that close to them. There’s not one person I tell everything to like a girl. I’m kind of a lone wolf. I don’t feel like I need people around in order to be happy. It’s okay if I don’t interact with people that often. Really, I’m fine on my own.


Okay, so Sadie and I met in kindergarten. We’ve been best friends ever since. She went to a different middle school from me, cause her parents put her in a private. They try and push her to be smart. I mean, she is totally smart. But she’s good at writing and history, and they’d rather have her be a math and science person like them and her big sister Julie. So it’s not like she isn’t smart, she just isn’t the kind of smart that they want her to be.

I feel bad for Sadie since her parents aren’t supportive like mine are. I know I’m really lucky. My parents would support me no matter what I decided to do, and her parents… They’re really not like that. She hangs out at my house a lot, probably because her parents aren’t around much. I’d hate being in my house by myself all the time. My parents are more like her parents than hers are. She calls them Uncle and Aunt.

In some ways we’re totally different from each other, but I think we balance each other out, you know? We do have things in common too. We’re just really comfortable with each other, which I think is one of the reasons why our friendship has lasted for so long. I know a ton of people say that you don’t stay friends with your friends from high school, but that totally won’t be true in our case. We’ve been friends for too long to stop.


Lizzie’s the peppy one. Let’s start there. I don’t think the world could handle two of me. She’s the friendly, in your face one. More people at school know her. I’m not antisocial or resentful, I’m just stating the facts. She’s completely fine with being the spokesperson for the two of us, while I like being in the background more. I think that goes along with our arts interests perfectly. She’s the one out on the stage, and in the spotlight, while I’m the one behind the scenes making things run. We’ve been best friends forever. Now, I’m not saying that she doesn’t do things that drive me crazy sometimes. She says totally way too much. I really do not get her obsession with water bottles. She’s always dancing, and sometimes I just want to grab her by the shoulders and try to hold her in place.

But in the end, we love each other. I’m sure she has problems with some of my habits, but she puts up with them just like how I put up with her habits. I know at the end of the day she’ll always be there for me.



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