Wordcount Woes

As you can see, I’m totally owning with my NaNo word count this year. On Friday I took part in a 24 hour word war and wrote over 8,000 words in one day. That’s about 4 of my average daily quotas, in one day. Not only am I going to finish on time at this rate, but I’ll end up finishing halfway through the month.
Sounds great, right?
My only problem is that I’m already reaching the end of my novel. I haven’t written many, or really any filler scenes. Everything that’s in there is important, and is part of the action. I’m going to have to start writing fillers in though, or there’s no way I can stretch this novel out over 50,000 words. I also think my scenes are more concise than they were in my novel last year. Things don’t drag on. The dialog is quick and to the point. It’s great and all, but this is really going to create a problem when it comes to reaching that final word goal. The writing is coming easy.
Even if I do reach 50,000 with this novel, there’s no way it’s going to take me all month. I think I might end up writing two novels this year. I’d prefer to just write 75,000 of one, but that doesn’t seem like a possibility right now.
My word count conundrum is getting me all worked up though, because I do really love my story this year, and my characters. I want to write it the right way, and I’m happy with what I’ve got so far. It’s just going so fast…

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