30 Questions- Day 11

Alright everyone, thanks for putting up with all my brainstorming for NaNoWriMo! This is the last of these 30 Question Character Surveys.


Your siblings, in great detail.


Tanner’s not too bad for a big brother. He can be a dick at times, but I’ve got to be grateful since he saved me from the parents. Plus, he’s pretty chill. He lets me do my own thing. I get to live in his garage so I feel like I’ve got some amount of independence. He cares but he’s not breathing down my neck all the time. More about him? He’s twenty five. He’s trying to get into security type stuff, so he’s a night guard right now. He used to work the day shift but his boss switched him a couple months ago. I think he majored in Poli Sci in college, probably because you can do anything with that. He’s got good taste in music.


N/A- Only child.


Julie in great detail? Not possible. She’s not that interesting. She’s as close to a cookie cutter Asian as you can get without speaking Engrish and being an awful driver. She refuses to drive.

I guess we were kind of close when we were little. And when I say little I mean when I was a baby pretty much. Julie is around 6 years older than me. By the time she was 9 she was tired of me. She was too busy being the dazzling star child. We just don’t get along. I’m the “rebel” I guess, because I’m not into science and math. We’re too different and we never bothered to try and understand each other.


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