The Demon Raccoons of Fleet Street

I love morning radio. I cannot drive in silence, so I always have the radio on in the morning when I’m driving to school. I actually enjoy when the radio hosts (Is there a better name for them? DJs?) talk, especially my two favorite local talk shows. The first of which is Fernando and Greg from San Francisco’s 99.7. Fernando and Greg are both gay, and a crack up. Twice a week they have a contest called Homo vs. Hetero where a straight man or woman goes up against a gay or lesbian contestant to try and correctly answer pop culture trivia questions. I really need to be on the show some morning, because I always get every question or at least the majority of them right. I think Tuesdays is men and Thursdays is women. Another one of my favorite parts of their show is when they do the celebrity gossip, particularly when Kristen Stewart comes up. They love to make fun of her obsession with her cat, Max, as do I now.

On a different station there’s a morning show I listen to a lot because it always has a few interesting (and bizarre) news stories. One morning I learned sexting terms. Another morning I heard about how some malls are now not allowing people under the age of 17 to shop after 5 PM without a chaperone, to which one of the hosts pointed out that this new rule is encouraging 16 year old girls to have 25 year old boyfriends. Who wants their mom as their chaperone when they’re out shopping with friends? Today, I heard about how a nearby city is having a raccoon problem. They’ve had like 9 raccoon attacks in a couple months, and some woman and her dog were recently attacked by 5 raccoons when they were out for a walk.

The last time I went camping with my family, which was maybe a year and a half ago, I woke up in the middle of the night, or at least just before I was about to fall asleep to the sound of dog food crunching. However, I knew both my dogs were safely inside the tent asleep, and the dog food was all outside. We then discovered there was a raccoon outside our tent eating the dog kibble. It woke up all the people, but both dogs slept through the incident and had no idea the raccoon was ever there.



2 Responses to The Demon Raccoons of Fleet Street

  1. ~ifer says:

    Yeah.. so. This comment has nothing to do with your post. Just a note to say that I am happy to see you still participating in our comment group… well, I guess it is technically YOUR comment group. Anyhow, it made me smile to see your blog on the list again… there aren’t very many of us that lasted a whole year!

  2. Rammi says:

    Raccoons? And I thought foxes were bad enough…

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