Crest, Not Crust

Today I’m going to talk about another one of my favorite things. Today’s subject?

Cover Girl Wetslicks AmazeMint lip gloss

Okay, this is no ordinary lip gloss. Best Friend got me started on this, and I love Wetslicks now. Not only is it lip gloss, but it also has toothpaste or some sort of minty thing in it. I once explained to another friend that it contained Crest (okay, I think there’s a Crest sticker on it somewhere… Maybe…) and she thought I said crust. Hence the title of this blog.

Anyways, it smells and tastes really good because it’s minty fresh. It also makes your lips feel nice and tingly and cool.

For some bizarre reason this lip gloss comes in blue… Of course, I do not have this shade. I started with Freedom of Peach, which is a nice nude color. Then I got Tickled Pink because I wanted something with some more color to it. Wetslicks come in 13 different shades, although some of them shouldn’t exist, like the blue. There is also a very dark purple.

No, this post is not endorsed. I just really like this lip gloss. Cover Girl, I’m totally willing to be your personal spokesperson though. You can pay me in lip gloss.


2 Responses to Crest, Not Crust

  1. Rammi says:

    My favourite lip gloss tastes of crème brûlée and is by Urban Decay, but half of the reason why I love it so much might be to do with the packaging. Ahem.

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